Incarcerated and Denied Efficient Menstrual Health Care: Speak Up!

Hi! I wrote this up so you wouldn’t have to. What you CAN do to demand efficient, healthy, and comprehensive menstrual care to incarcerated women is email this to any or all of the following addresses:


This list isΒ not comprehensive. There are LOADS of organizations, large and small, that supply reusable products for those who menstruate. If you know of any, or want to do some research beyond this post, I highly encourage you to do so! Spread this message far and wide:

“Current law in Arizona dictates that incarcerated women are guaranteed 12 menstrual pads a month. Different women have different menstrual needs, but this is not taken into consideration. Additional pads and tampons cost extra money. Arizona is not the only state to fall short of providing efficient care. According to the Roosevelt Institute, “More than 85 percent of New York female prisoners are of menstruating age, but 54 percent do not receive a sufficient quantity of menstrual hygiene products.” Inmates are tearing their pads, creating makeshift tampons, which increase risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome and other serious health concerns. This is a threat not just to women’s hygiene, but their dignity. It also subscribes to the same mentality that has left the American woman shouldering the “pink tax”; that men have the right to legislate the care and keeping of female bodies. I urge your company to support incarcerated women by supplying reusable and sustainable menstrual cups, granting agency over their menstrual experience. Organizations that could network with your company on this matter include, but are not limited to: the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, the Action Committee for Women in Prison, Sister Song, Reproductive Health Access Project, and NOW (the National Organization for Women). Please consider partnering with a group such as these to promote health and justice for incarcerated women.

Thank you for your consideration.”


Looking to do a little more reading on the issue? Try one of the links below.

Upholding the Dignity of Incarcerated Women – Center for American Progress

Arizona Needs Laws that Protect Women Prisoners’ Menstrual Health – ACLU

12 Pads Per Month? Arizona Legislature Will Vote on Restrictive Menstruation Rules – Global Citizen

Federal Prisons Made Menstrual Products Free. Now Some States May Follow Suit. – Huffington Post


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